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SME - configuration without migration


Hi all,

is it possible to do the sme configuration without migration of exchange dbs/logs from local disks to netapp luns. The data is already in place (moved with exchange move db wizard).

I'm preparing for a new exchange 2010 installation with creating 10 dbs with logs on netapp luns in a dag scenario.

Did in the past some sme migrations and now i'm wondering why i'm getting some confusing results:

- i'm using the contoso exchange 2010 vm (slc-dc01)

- installed succesful SnapDrive and created four luns in two existing volumes

- moved dbs and logs to the netapp luns

- started sme and with doing the configuration i expected to see with "migrate storage ..." some storage groups but NOTHING

could you please give me some hints



If the db and logs have already been migrated to NetApp LUNs manually then the configuration will not actually move them, but you still need to run the config wizard before it will work correctly


Hi panting,

that's what i expect. But during configuration i miss disks in

Database Location Results

Transaction Log Location Results

and therefor in

Resulting SnapInfo directory


In all panels there are available Disks (disks with moved dbs and logs).

I'm still confused.




In the SME UI, assign the databases to the disks and set the SnapInfo location even though you have them in the correct locations.

SME will detect that the databases are already in the proper location and will not move them or take them offline.

The Exchange system files do need to be on the transaction log LUNs, so if you don't have the system files in the correct location, SME will dismount the mailbox databases and move the system files to the correct location.




solution was:

read the sme admin manual on page 36: account restrictions.

After putting and restarting the service account (snapmanager) as member to "Exchange Trusted Subsystem" group (one solution out of more) the wizard works like expected.

thank you all