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We have an Exchange environment protected by SnapManager Exchange..

Our Exchange DBA´s are in the process of taking out some information from the environment and are asking..


  1. If we need/would like to create several pst files from a database, is there a way to configure it so we can do them all at a time?
    We would like to avoid doing them one by one


  1. When restoring a single mail it changes ”create day” to time when restore is done.
    Are there any way to avoid that?






Create a PST file is an exchange feature, you can do that via powershell and script it if you whish.

What is your question about PST and SnapManager?


regardint the restore, are you using SMBR? if yes in the smbr GUI you will see as "create Date" the day on which the restore has been performed but in the end in Outlook (or in any other client the usee uses to connect on his mailbox) you will see the "original" date


Thank you..


Regarding the restore.. the Exchange technichian hadn´t checked from user side 🙂
He just looked from SMBR, and as you said.. there it shows create date as the date you restored it.

So that´s solved..



The other question.
I think I was a little un-clear.

What they would like to do is to create pst files from disconnected mailboxes.


And as they can´t connect to them from powershell, they can only connect to them via snapshots.
They was wondering of they could connect to a snapshot of a database and then mark what disconnected mailboxes they wanted to create pst files from.

For example..

If they have 5000 disconnected mailboxes and want to extract 500 of them as pst files.. they can´t do it from Powershell (active export)..
Is there a way to do them in "bulk" from snapshot?






you can mount the snapshot that containst the target .EDB file in with Snapdrive then you can run SMBR and the export to .PST

The thing is that you can export the whole EDB or a single mailbox there is no way to select a certain number of mailboxes to export.


So, you can export an entire EDB file, a mailbox, a folder or an individual message



Ok, thank you