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altavault replication interface


Hi folks,  first time setup of altavault appliance.  I'm not sure how to designate an interface as the replication interface in AVA-400.  I have a primary interface w/ default route. a 10G interface to my backup servers.  also configured one of the 1G interfaces with a default route and thought that would be the replication interface, but all my backend traffic is going through the primary interface.  have searched the docs for a day and half now and can't glean how to designate the 1G interface as my replication interface so it sends the cloud traffic via that interface.



sorry about the bogus label, i didn't see one that applied... so here is the relevant config, which i thought meant the backend traffic would traverse the e0i interface.

ip data-gateway e0i "10.x.x.x"   <--- indicating a default route for the backend, but perhaps i'm miss understanding something


The settings for this can be found under Configure > Cloud settings > Bandwidth tab > Cloud Replication Interface.