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SMHV - SnapManager for Hyper-V is not licensed on the host or in the Storage System


Hello Everyone,


I'm trying to get SnapManager for Hyper-V to update the SM/SV relationships of the volumes on which the storage data of our VM's resides.

Unfortunately, as soon as I'v added the management interface of the filer on the DR site and create a new backup with the update commands, I get the following error message:


SnapManager for Hyper-V is not licensed on the host or in the Storage System.


The situation is such that we only have a SnapManagerSuite license on the filer at our production site, but we know that the SM update to the filer at the DR site should work even when there's no SnapManagerSuite license applied to the filer on that site. We know it, because we've tested it last week for volumes on a different vserver (but the same VM!) and it just .. worked. I even have the snapshots to prove it..


Source volume:


Vserver  Volume  Snapshot                        State        Size Total% Used%
-------- ------- ------------------------------- -------- -------- ------ -----
trdvsm02 vmh03_hv_m
                                                 valid     25.56GB     5%   25%
                                                 valid     34.43MB     0%    0%


SM volume:


Vserver  Volume  Snapshot                        State        Size Total% Used%
-------- ------- ------------------------------- -------- -------- ------ -----
                                                 valid      1.48MB     0%    2%
                                                 valid     25.56GB     5%  100%


SV volume:


Vserver  Volume  Snapshot                        State        Size Total% Used%
-------- ------- ------------------------------- -------- -------- ------ -----
                                                 valid       104KB     0%    0%


.. and no, I haven't renamed the snapshot copies 😛


Does anyone have any idea on why this is no longer working?


Thx a lot.





NetApp Alumni

Make sure you are using SMHV 2.1, this error is one of the fixes in the release.


Hey Dan,


Thx for replying so quickly. Unfortunately, I keep getting the error message after an upgrade to SMHV

Straight out of the report:


17/12/2014 18:48:53, (15)] SnapManager for Hyper-V is not licensed on the host or in the Storage System, backup is aborted
[17/12/2014 18:48:53, (15)] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<VMStatusResult xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <VM Name="CFESTMEETING01" Id="1DADDBFC-188F-419A-AC69-C9B3A0B6F977" Result="Failed" />
  <VM Name="CFESTDMGR01" Id="04862716-4CF9-4D03-9447-B2AC1A609384" Result="Failed" />
  <VM Name="CFESTMEDIA01" Id="786C3080-A7AE-4DA4-85F9-CDA0B5E4EEFE" Result="Failed" />
  <VM Name="DMZST01" Id="439FAC9D-8590-425D-B65E-20680ACBE15D" Result="Failed" />
  <VM Name="CFESTCOMM01" Id="B7288CE0-77B1-4359-B05D-1C938C3B6CB2" Result="Failed" />
[17/12/2014 18:48:53, (5)] An error occurred in the backup process.[Host: CFEVMH03]
SnapManager for Hyper-V is not licensed on the host or in the Storage System, backup is aborted


as per the IAG 2.1:


Per storage system license:
This is also known as storage system licensing. If you select storage system licensing, you must add
the SnapManager suite license to all storage systems to run the SnapManager for Hyper-V


You must install SnapDrive for Windows on all hosts before installing SnapManager for Hyper-V. If
the hosts are members of a cluster, all nodes in the cluster require the installation of SnapDrive for


the bug referenced by Dan is when you DO have a license and yet you get that error.

try to license SnapManager suite on dr storage system: does it then work? that'll prove the documentation is correct.

I can't imagine any scenario where it woudl work without license on DR site. I am pretty sure you are not well informed about that.

Please contact your sales rep for this.





Hey Dmauro,


Are you absolutely sure we'll need a SnapManager license on our DR filer? I'm asking again for confirmation since it used to work (with the same versions of SD/SMHV) last week and because I'm pretty sure management won't approve yet another NetApp license (We already had to purchase extra iSCSI, Flexclone licenses to perform tasks our partner said we could do with the licenses bought at the initial purchase).


Besides, I fail to see which SnapManager for Hyper-V operation is taking place on the DR filer. As far as I understand it, SMHV just issues a SM/SV relationship update of the volumes on the production filer. We're very well aware and accept that we won't be able to take snapshots at our DR-site 😉


Anyway, I'm taking this up with our sales rep. and will listen to what he has to say about it.


Thx for your feedback.






I am not sure what you are testing in your DR scenarios, but I can imagine SMHV restore may be needed from a snapshot on DR site too, which is why you need to install SMHV with license on DR site too.

You may be in luck and be able to mount the snapshot manually, split the vol clone and perhaps Hyperv will be happy on DR site, but if you are out of luck, a proper restore from a snapshot is needed.


Besides, when you are snapmirroring the database to a secondary storage system, snapdrive needs to be installed also on destination storage system, because SnapDrive is used to contact secondary storage for the update and I am talking about a normal situation when you would backup to secondary location here, no disaster scenario yet.

SnapDrive may also complain that a flexclone license is not enabled on destination storage, because you can do vol clone and backup verification on destination, during normal day-to-day business.


you can certainly get a temporary license from sales, for free and check it out if it then works 😉


I hope that helps,



Thx again for your reply 🙂


The only reason we're doing SM & SV updates to our DR site is to safeguard our data and be able to boot the VM's at our DR site. We won't be taking or restoring snapshots on those volumes.

Since all our VM's are accessing their storage trough CIFS share, the VM storage (vhdx files e.o.) is directly located on the volume and there's no need to mount LUN's, snapshots or whatsoever.

We're not even installing SnapDrive/SMHV on servers at our DR site since all we really need is a powershell script which creates the VM's, attaches their storage (from the mirorred volume) and start those VM's. It's actually a pretty simple config.


The reason why we're also vaulting to our DR site is because our partner informed us that we need a third copy of our data in order to protect us against corruption on our source volume (corruption being mirorred to the SM volume), but I'm beginning to doubt if that's even necessairy.