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SMMOSS 2.0 and SharePoint2007 (SP3) ???


I have an environment where we are running this config for 3 years now with no issues:

... SharePoint 2007 SP1 with SMMOS 2.0 and SnapDrive6.2 and SMSQL 5.0 ...

The customer is forced to upgrade to SharePoint2007 SP3 now and I'm concerend, thatt his might break the other parts in the chain.

Can anyone confirm, that we are fine without touching the NetApp components, please?!

The NetApp Interoperability Matrix is ONE HELL of a beast and does not give me a usable answer...



In the IMT, you set the Storage Solution filter to SnapManager for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. In the component explorer on the left hand side of the web page, you select the version of SharePoint, SnapDrive, MS SQL, Windows, and the protocol you are using to connect the SQL and SharePoint servers to the NetApp storage.

You didn't mention which version of SQL server you are running. However, given the inputs you did provide, there are 7 solutions that use SP 2007 SP1, SDW 6.2, and SMSQL 5.0 with SMSP 6.0.

I highly recommend that you go back into the IMT and set the components you are running in your environment and the IMT determine if you only need to upgrade to SMSP 6.0.

Also, please review the SMSP Installation and Administration Guide documentation for the upgrade process from 2.0 to 6.0.