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SMO 3.2 restore problem




my company is faced with the ultimate crash, du to a wrong action at network level we get physical corruption on all  datafiles of our DB.  our setup is :


JD edwards ERP 8.12

Oracle Standard edition on AIX 6.1

IBM (netapp) N6240

SMO 3.2


I'm the DBA...I have 14 snapshot of the database take each night at 2.00 AM and two days of archivelogs online. The crash occure on  Friday (yesterday) at 14H56 , some of datafiles are in restore mode, cause I tried to recover them, but no success.

I tryied the restore with SMO with the following command :


smo backup restore -profile OWP_NIGHT_BCK -label 20190201020806_OWP_FULL -complete  -recover -until 2019-02-01:14:50:01 -force -verbose


but SMO check the status of the TARGET database and as it find files in recover mode it refused to restore ! :


[ INFO] ORACLE-20000: Changing state for database instance OWP from STARTED to MOUNTED.

[ INFO] ORACLE-20009: Attempting to reconnect to instance OWP after shutdown/startup.

[ INFO] ORACLE-20011: Reconnect to instance OWP successful.

[ INFO] SMO-07200: Beginning restore of database "OWP".

[ERROR] SMO-07426: Cannot perform incomplete recovery with datafile(s) "[/sl1103/oracle/OWP/ora/data/pd812t02.dbf, /sl1103/oracle/OWP/ora/indx/PRODDTAI06.dbf, /sl1103/oracle/OWP/ora/indx/prodpsoi01.dbf, /sl1103/oracle/OWP/ora/indx/svm812i01.dbf, /sl1103/oracle/OWP/ora/data/svm812t01.dbf, /sl1103/oracle/OWP/ora/indx/PRODDTAI09.dbf]" in RECOVER state.

[ERROR] SMO-13032: Cannot perform operation: Backup Restore.  Root cause: SMO-07426: Cannot perform incomplete recovery with datafile(s) "[/sl1103/oracle/OWP/ora/data/pd812t02.dbf, /sl1103/oracle/OWP/ora/indx/PRODDTAI06.dbf, /sl1103/oracle/OWP/ora/indx/prodpsoi01.dbf, /sl1103/oracle/OWP/ora/indx/svm812i01.dbf, /sl1103/oracle/OWP/ora/data/svm812t01.dbf, /sl1103/oracle/OWP/ora/indx/PRODDTAI09.dbf]" in RECOVER state.

[ INFO] SMO-07131: Unlocked database for SnapManager operations - removed lock file "/sl1103/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/dbs/.sm_lock_OWP" on host sl1103.

[ INFO] SMO-07433: Returning the database to its initial state: OWP(SHUTDOWN).


I do not understand this behaviour as the target database will erased by the restore, we need all the datafiles to be restored.

So could someone help and give the right command, we backup only data and index and archivelogs, no controlfile, no redo.


Thank you



@NONOR7373  Let us know if you are still looking for a solution, i can help you find an expert who can answer to your query.