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Snapcenter - Calling a backup from a backup with Pre and Post Scripts


We are looking to move away from SMO on Linux and performing a PoC for SnapCenter. We have applications with backing Oracle DB's and application volumes as well. In our SMO setup we have pre and post scripts to halt the application, SDU takes a snapshot of the application volume(s) which are mounted on a seperate server, then the SMO backup runs, and we have a nice application consistent backup, Mirrors and Vaults are updated, and then we restart the application.


Given the extra stuff in SnapCenter alot of the stuff we do in the existing scripts will become superflous but Im wanting to find a way to replicate the same with SnapCenter. I've installed the Storage Plugin so I can snap the volume, I have the Oracle DB configured to backup...but I need a way to link the two. Now I was hoping that resource groups might, but since they have a defined type, I cant mix the storage and Oracle in one group (bugger).


What is the best way to achieve what im after?


Looking at the Linux sccli side of things, looks like that can only call Oracle backups, so I wouldnt be able to define "storage" as a resource from the commandline. With my current thinking am I going to need to be using curl and making a rest call to the SC server to run the Storage job, wait for a 202, then check all Jobs to get the job ID, and then check that the job status is completed then I can continue?


Surely there is another / better way?


All help and suggestions appreciated.




@KevHaynes Let me know if you are still looking for the solution, i will help you find an expert who can answer to your query.


@RajeshPanda, no solution as yet, any assitance would be appreciated.