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SMO Clone create fails during Clone operation on RHEL4


I am trying to use the "smo clone create" command to create a clone of an Oracle DB. The source server uses FCP to connect to DB. The host server is using iSCSI.

Below is the error I receive:

Operation Id [8a81810d27fda3030127fda3273d0001] failed. Error: SMO-13032: Cannot perform operation: Clone Create.  Root cause: SMO-11007: Error cloning from snapshot: FLOW-11019: Failure in ExecuteConnectionSteps: SD-00027: Error connecting filesystem(s) [/oradata2, /oradata] from snapshot smo_prod_prod1_f_h_1_8a81828a27fda18f0127fda1ac710001_0: SD-10016: Error executing snapdrive command "/usr/sbin/snapdrive snap connect -fs /oradata2 /oradata2_CLONE -fs /oradata /oradata_CLONE -snapname netapp2050-1:/vol/oracle_prod:smo_prod_prod1_f_h_1_8a81828a27fda18f0127fda1ac710001_0 -autorename -noreserve -prefixfv SnapManager_20100414144446923": 0001-877 Admin error: HBA assistant not found. Commands involving LUNs should fail.

In my snapdrive.conf file I have the transport method set to "iSCSI". The log is vauge but states error connecting filesystems. Does anyone have any experience with this? I've seen it work on Windows before, not sure if I'm missing something on the linux side.

Syntax to clone:

smo clone create -profile Prod -current -newsid CLONE -clonespec /opt/NetApp/smo/BASTestClonespec.xml -host BAStestlinux -label BASTest_Clone -reserve no -verbose

I also receive same error if try doing it from the SMO GUI.

Software versions:


SMO 3.0

SD 4.0

Host Utilities 5.2



on a side note I get the following error when I manually try to connect to a LUN usnig snapdrive storage connect

0001-877 Admin error: HBA assistant not found. Commands involving LUNs should fail.


Not sure how specific you were being about the host os, sdu, and smo versions you were using but it would be a good idea to check the IMT or go to the NOW toolchest and download and run the SDU ConfigChecker and see what it says.

When you attempt the clone and it fails, run snapdrive.dc first. The run a smo operations dump.

Its likely, the detail behind the error is in the sd-trace.log(s) for the clone op.

Attach the sd-trace.log and your snapdrive.conf and configchecker or better ... Open a support case and upload the configchecker, snapdrive.dc, and smo operation dump