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SMO clone create error




We use two Nseries N6240, the 1a and 2a, we have a oracle database, wich volumes are located only on one array, the 2a, we script the cloning process with SMO 3.2 on AIX 6.1, when trying to clone from server sl2206 to server sl1206,

we get the following error :


[ INFO] SMO-13049: Elapsed Time: 0:00:12.007 Operation Id [8afa8c904f410966014f41096a370001] failed. Error: SMO-13032: Cannot perform operation: Clone Create.  Root cause: SMO-11007: Error cloning from Snapshot copy: FLOW-11019: Failure in ExecuteConnectionSteps: SD-00027: Error connecting filesystem(s) [/sl2206/oracle/OWDPY/ora] from snapshot smo_owpyinf_1206_owdpy_d_h_1_8afa8ccc4f410872014f4108773c0001_0: SD-10016: Error executing snapdrive command "/usr/sbin/snapdrive snap connect -fs /sl2206/oracle/OWDPY/ora /sl1206/oracle/OWPYINF/ora -snapname n6240-2a:/vol/vol_2206_2_OWDPY_indx:smo_owpyinf_1206_owdpy_d_h_1_8afa8ccc4f410872014f4108773c0001_0 -autorename -noreserve -prefixfv SnapManager_20150818153942603": 0001-440 Command error: snapshot smo_owpyinf_1206_owdpy_d_h_1_8afa8ccc4f410872014f4108773c0001_0 does not contain file system '/sl2206/oracle/OWDPY/ora'


when ruuning the snadrive command :  snapdrive snap show -fs /sl2206/oracle/OWDPY/ora  we get the snapshot.

when running manualy the command reported in error message :


/usr/sbin/snapdrive snap connect -fs /sl2206/oracle/OWDPY/ora /sl1206/oracle/OWPYINF/ora -snapname n6240-2a:/vol/vol_2206_2_OWDPY_indx:smo_owdpyinf_1206_d_h_1_8afa8ccc4f698b03014f698b07ca0001_0 -autorename -noreserve -prefixfv SnapManager_20150826122717566


it seems we don't get any error :


connecting vgorajdeFRPY:
        creating unrestricted volume clone n6240-2a:/vol/SnapManager_20150826122717566_vol_2206_2_OWDPY_data ... success
        creating unrestricted volume clone n6240-2a:/vol/SnapManager_20150826122717566_vol_2206_2_OWDPY_indx ... success

        mapping new lun(s) ... done
        discovering new lun(s) ... done
        Importing vgorajdeFRPY_0
Successfully connected to snapshot n6240-2a:/vol/vol_2206_2_OWDPY_indx:smo_owdpyinf_1206_d_h_1_8afa8ccc4f698b03014f698b07ca0001_0
        disk group vgorajdeFRPY_0 containing host volumes
                lvoradtapy_0 (filesystem: /sl1206/oracle/OWPYINF/ora)



so, does SMO need the volumes of the DB to be present on the two array to allow cloning ? is it the reason of the error ?


thank you