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SMSAP Backup to Tape


Hi.  we are using netbackup to backup our SMSAP instances to tape via NDMP.  Because of the unique naming of the SMSAP snapshots, we're unable to target a consistent snapshot to send to tape and have been  sending just the active file system data to tape.  Our DBAs and Netapp tell us that this might allow us to do a DB recovery some of the time but not all the time.


Recently, i heard that a "new-ish" feature in current versions of SMSAP allows SMSAP to "tag" the most recent snapshot with a consistent naming convention which would allow the tape job to target the snapshot each time it runs and and grab the SMSAP data in a consistent state.  


I've looked through the SMSAP 3.4.1 admin guide and found no mention of this feature.   

Has anyone found this feature and know how to activate it or have any other info on this?  


I've heard of people using post backup scripts to rename the snapshots but I've heard that this creates a problem because once the snaphot gets renamed, then SMSAP doesn't know anything about it and doesn't remove it upon expiration.









You may be referring to snapname pattern. Refer link

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