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Snapprotect 10 subscribed volume is missing


Hi Community,


yesterday I deleted some protection sets and depending volumes on our filers (primary FAS8040 and secondary FAS2554), because the job nr. within the snapshot name did not match with any job in snapprotect. So I thought it must be a fragment out of old policies.


But now I do have the problem, that snapprotect is not able to do the AuxCopy, becaus it needs the deleted volume and protection set, which is not found in OCUM 6.2.


Now I need to know, if it is possible to remove the volume information out of the dataset in OCUM and how does it work. Maybe there is an other solution to fix the problem.


There is the following Information in Snapprotect Event Details. But I do not know how to do step (1):


Snapprotect Event Code: [25:37]


Error:[Managed volume 'NAME OF THE VOLUME ON SECONDARY' of subscribed volume 'NAME OF THE VOLUME ON PRIMARY' is missing on node 'Backup'. Possible reasons include: (1) The managed volume is explicitly deleted by the user, not through a partner application invoked storage-service API call. To rectify this condition use a partner application UI to invoke the storage-service-cleanup API and the storage-service-conform APIs, first to remove this volume node member from this storage service and then to create a new protection volume as part of the storage service.

(2) The container object (aggregate/node/cluster) in which the storage object is located may be in a transient state, thus hiding the volume's presence. In this case, ensure that the containing object is online. Then wait for a refresh cycle.]].


Maybe you can give me a hint.





Hello again,


I found something which could resolve my problem in the "OnCommand® Unified Manager 6.2 API Developer's Guide". There is a section called "Unsubscription of a root member and destruction of protection artifacts". In my case I deleted a protection artifact (volume and protection set) but only in filer not in the management environment OCUM 6.2.


Does anybody know how to work with this API and where I have to make the API calls?






Yes it is possible to fix this issue.

Please open a case to Netapp technical support, so one of backup engineers will help you