Data Backup and Recovery

SMSAP/SMO restore snapshot from secondary storage.


We're trying to do a restore of a PRODUCTION SAP database in our SUB-PROD environment using a mirrored snapshot.


Netapp has told us this should work.  When we try to start the clone process, SMSAP recognizes that snapshot is available on secondary storage and we chose that as the restor source.


the clone process fails with an error: -[ERROR] FLOW-11008: Operation failed: SD-10028: SnapDrive Error (id:2868 code:102) Could not locate remote snapshot or remote qtree for PRODFILER1-ifgrp2:/vol/sapdataVOL1:smsap_SAPHOST1_SID_SID_f_h_1_8aa316964cb33ebe014cb33ec5a40001_0 


I'm not sure why it is looking for a qtree on the PRIMARY STORAGE.  


We've been working with NA support for weeks now and we aren't close to solving the issue.  


Has anyone had any luck doing something like this with SMSAP or SMO?