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SMSP 6.1 - Document Library Restore error - invalid view


When I try and restore a SharePoint 2010 SP1 Document Library, I get a 'specified view is invalid' error and a misformatted SharePoint page at the Document Library URL. Plus the Document Library web part is not displayed. However the data has been restored and I can go to the Web Part Library and place the Web Part for the document Library back on the page, but this clearly isn’t how it’s meant to work. I’m testing on a vanilla SharePoint 2010 environment so there are no custom Site Definitions or pages involved.
The full error in the windows event log (Event ID 1400) on the SnapManager server is as follows:

smsp,0.0 [ci version= version: ci2131301 type: problem specifical patch part install time: 02/10/2012 19:16:46 [smsp2010platformcontrolrestore.exe][smsp2007platformdatabasecommand.dll][smsp2010databasecommand.dll]][rs20130130153839] [wp10rtwebpart329]

an error occurred while resotre web part microsoft.sharepoint, version=, culture=neutral, publickeytoken=71e9bce111e9429c|microsoft.sharepoint.webpartpages.listviewwebpart.\n error messageystem.argumentexception:

the specified view is invalid.
at microsoft.sharepoint.spviewcollection.get_item(guid guid)
at smmoss.wrapper.restore.avespwebpart.realrestore()

Any thoughts



Im also seeing a Event ID 6100 Error on the SharePoint Application Server -

Safe mode did not start successfully. This page has encountered a critical error. Contact your system administrator if this problem persists.


Hi Andrew -

I would recommend opening a case with NetApp Global Support (NGS) to help assist with this issue. There could be a multitude of details that may need someone to spend focused time helping you resolve.