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SMSQL Clone Life Cycle Question


First, our scenario: we use SMSQL 7.2.3 and SnapDrive 7.1.5, and are about to use the Clone Wizard for the first time. Purpose is to move databases from one SQL Server to another.


Our plan: we will clone two LUNs on a production SQL Server (one containing databases and the other logs) to a second production SQL Server. We will configure clone life cycle management settings to keep the clones up-to-date. After a couple of days, we will schedule a cutover time. The DBAs will turn off databases on the source, we will run one last update of the clones, and then turn the cloned databases into the new production databases. We will then run the Clone Wizard and choose split-clone.


My question is: what is the best way to manually update the clones?  The Life Cycle settings are buried in the Clone Wizard, and I don't see an option to manually kick off an update. We could try to schedule the specific time, but we want flexibility in case we need to run it at a particular time. Any suggestions are appreciated!