Data Backup and Recovery

SMSQL, SharePoint and External BLOB Storage


Hi everyone,

I know many folks will start thinking straight after reading the subject: "use SnapManager for SharePoint!" - this is not gonna happen for some non-technical reasons, so yes, I'm asking about SnapManager for SQL specifically.

Does anyone can comment how SMSQL will behave when backing up a SharePoint databases, which utilise External BLOB Storage (

I think (correct me if that's not the case) that external BLOB will be simply ignored / not backed up, whilst SQL databases themselves will be properly backed up. I also think that this gap can be closed by creating post-job script, taking a snapshot of the BLOB - not very elegant, but should work?

Comments? Thoughts?

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Okay, just found out that in our particular case "the EBS provider will be the FILESTREAM option of the SQL Server 2008R2".

Following on that, SMSQL 6.0 IAG says:

"Filestreams are fully supported by SnapManager for SQL Server, and filestream objects configured within SQL appear in the SnapManager for SQL Server GUI. If you have a database that includes filestream objects, SnapManager for SQL Server can back up and restore the filestream objects along with the database."

Looks like we are good to go?