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I've got a SQL server 2005 cluster connected to my LUNs via ISCSI and using SnapDrive. My mdf and ldf files are on seperate LUNs. I've installed SnapManager for SQL and in the configuration wizard I'm being asked to select databases to migrate.

First I had to add a new LUN and migrate all system db's on the new LUN and change the SQLRoot path, as SM tells me that they should be seperate for snapshot backups to run for user db's. This went fine. But now when I tell the wizard to keep the mdf's and ldf's of all user db's where they are, I get the following message:

"The seletced LUN is shared by another database. All database files belonging to this database must be seletced in order to use the selected LUN"

When I ignore the message and continue I get the following:

"Configuration Wizard detected that the databases seletced for migration had their destination location reconfigured after the initial destination location was seletced. The currently selected migartion parameters are invalid. Asign a valid location to the selected database, or cancel and restart the Configuration Wizard."

From the message I deduce that SM does not work for DB's that have their data and log files seperated on different LUN's. But I need to keep them apart.

Can someone please help?????...........



This definitely should not be the case as I have migrated DB's and Logs that are on separated drives in the past.

Are you by any chance migrating by mistake any of the system or temp DB's in with the App DB's?


Thanks Chris for your reply.

The sys db's are already in a separted LUN.

In the wizard I get only my app db's to choose for migration. For each db I see 'Invalid/Local Drive M,L' where M contains my DB files and L contains my LOG files. When I associate the PRIMARY with the same M drive and the LOG with the same L Drive, I get the messages I posted before.

It's quite confusing as I have already placed my db files and log files in their final destination. So why do I need to go through this migration process????????


Sorry to check the basics, but there's definitely no extra databases that have been created with both logs and db's on the same volume? And you are choosing to migrate all the db's that exist on these volumes?

I have seen this process get confused when doing what you are describing. SMfSQL doesn't always identify that it will be migrating the data to exactly the same location, and so does all it's normal checks, one of which realises that there are existing DB's on that volume (even if it's about to relocate them).

Have you run through the entire process ignoring all errors and getting it perform any actions yet? When I have seen this problem before, simply ignoring the warnings and still executing seems to fix things and make SMfSQL happy again.


Yes I've gone through the whole process leaving the migration part behind and I've got no errors. But when I re-run the wizard and select db's to migrate, nothing happens after the messages stating that the configuration is wrong!!!!! It just asks me to review or restart!!!

In fact I've got some user databases which have both their mdf and ldf files in the same drive (M :). For these databases I can perform backup with SM but for those which their mdf and ldf are separated, they are grayed and I cannot select them for backup.

What if I separate the files for those which have them on the same drive? Will SM see that the configuration is correct since the same for all??


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For SnapManager it is an all-or-nothing configuration. If you want some databases to have both the mdf and ldf on the same disk, then you will want to move them onto their own LUN. These will definitely be confusing SMfSQL as you go through the config wizard. If you either include these in the migration, or simply move them to their own LUN, you should fair better results from SMfSQL.