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SMSQL schedules



I've recently installed SMSQL 5.2 onto a number of SQL clusters. We're looking to have regular transaction log backups (hourly) and 3 daily full backups, one which also archives to SnapVault. The SV integration is all set up and ready to go, but i'm having trouble finding anywhere that documents how the schedules behave.

E.g. if i create the following

Fulls @ 00:00 (with archive to SV), 08:00, 16:00

Logs hourly from 00:00

At midnight I suspect both the Full and Logs backups will try to SMSQL clever enough to sort this out for itself, or do i need to remove 00:00, 08:00 & 16:00 from the logs schedule?





If i recall correctly, the 0:00 log backup will tell you that smsql is in use by another operation (full backup) and either retry or abort and redo at 1:00.


Hi - In short, No, SMSQL isnt clever enough in that respect. Thomas is correct, if you have a full backup running at 00:00 and then a TXLog's job kicks in at the same time, the VSS writers will more than likely be locked by the full backup job. The scheduled task will still be running, so the 2nd task will find the writers locked and it will possible either fail straight away, or go into a retry state for a brief period. As its a full backup running, this will more than likely take a little while, with verification, so i would expect the TX logs job to fail or abort after a number of retries and try at its next scheduled time.