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Storacl security for qtree and lun not working



I 'am using storacl to give users access to their luns created with SnapDrive 6.4

When creating security on a volume base everything works as expected:

STORACL> user add -rsn filername:/vol/vt2i_0002 -rtype vol -un code1\ikke -RN SDAdmin

After the above command is executed I can see all my luns created with SnapDrive and I can create new luns.

So far so good.

When I create security on a qtree level it denies every access

STORACL> user add -rsn filername:/vol/vt2i_0002/qtreename -rtype qtree -un code1\ikke -RN SDAdmin

After executing the above command I don't see any lun at all. Hench, I can't even create one.

The man page shows that I can create security on qtree level.


-rsn: Resource name with complete path to be added. (eg: storagesystem:/vol/vol1, storagesystem:/vol/vol1/lun1, storagesystem:/agg1, storagesystem)

-rtype: Type of resource. Possible values are:

        storagesystem|stor|filer - storage system

        aggregate|aggr - Aggregate

        vol|volume - Volume

        qtree - Qtree

        lun- LUN


Does anybody know how to setup SnapDrive security based on qtrees?




Since you have not gotten an answer, you may want to ask this question in the NetApp Support Community.  The current customers, partners and internal Subject Matter Experts are addressing technical product questions there.