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SQL, best practice for volumes, luns, etc.


I  have had a SQL 2005 server for some time and am just about to bring  online a SQL 2008 R2 server. Eventually I will be migrating all of my  databases from the old to the  new and getting rid of the 2005 server.

We have a Netapp FAS3020 that is housing the luns for my SQL  2005 server. Within the next week I will be using Snapdrive to carve out  LUNs for use on the new  SQL server. This brings up a few questions:

1.   - The  new server will be running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL  2008 R2 installed on it. In the past I carved out 100GB volumes with  snap reserve set at 0%. The  resulting LUN ends up being 50GB or half the size of the volume. Has  best practice here changed at all?

2.   - Right  now the GA release of Snapdrive is 6.1.1 with two First Customer  Shipments, 6.2 and 6.3. Given the operating system and version of SQL,  which version of Snapdrive should  I install?

3.  - Likewise there is a GA release of Snapmanager for SQL (5.0R1) and a First Customer Shipment of 5.1. Which one should I install?

Our  FAS3020 is running OnTap 7.3.2. The current GD release is 7.3.3 and GA  release is 7.3.4. I do not know if it is necessary to update OnTap for  this endeavor.



The release notes (or tech support) is probably the best place to look for this info.

For what it's worth... we're running SnapDrive 6.2 and SnapMgr SQL 5.0, on a Win 2008 R2 x64 server with SQL Server 2008 SP1.

I can't say we've been thrilled about the stability of this setup.  We get random issues (typically timeouts attempting to mount up a cloned db) once every 6-8 weeks.