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Serial steps in main configuration; failure


Hello SnapCreator Community,

I've a question regarding SnapCreator.

We have a main configuration with calls some db2 specfic configurations to delete archive logs and quiese / unquiese db2 databases.

For example:

Main Configuration:

APP_QUIESCE_CMD01=snapcreator.exe -profile E-Landschaft -config <SID> -action quiesce

APP_QUIESCE_CMD02=snapcreator.exe -profile E-Landschaft -config <SID1> -action quiesce

APP_QUIESCE_CMD03=snapcreator.exe -profile E-Landschaft -config <SID2> -action quiesce

APP_UNQUIESCE_CMD01=snapcreator.exe -profile E-Landschaft -config <SID> -action unquiesce

APP_UNQUIESCE_CMD02=snapcreator.exe -profile E-Landschaft -config <SID1> -action unquiesce

APP_UNQUIESCE_CMD03=snapcreator.exe -profile E-Landschaft -config <SID2> -action unquiesce

If one of these steps is not running because of an error the whole chain will fail. 

For example if the unquiesce is not working the automatic Snapshot deletion (Retention) which occurs after that will not work.

Is there a solution for this? Or is it always a serial batch which stops when a failure occurs?

Thanks for your help.





Hi Andreas,

Have you looked at PRE_EXIT_CMDs? These run whenever a failure occurs.

In SC 3.x yes it is serial but you can control what happens using PRE_EXIT_CMDs but it would require you writing a script with logic on what to do based on your specific failure scenarios.

In future we are looking at some things like being able to specify specific failure actions for specific operations or CMDs but we arent quite there yet.



Hi Keith,

thanks for your response.

The biggest problem is that after the unquiese command our Snapshots will be registered at Protection Manager (for Snapvault). If the unquiese is not working, the registration will not work.

Unfortunately I have no clue how to handle this in a PRE_EXIT script.    The registration is very important for us, deleting snapshots can also run next time when snapreator is scheduled.

Do you have an idea?

Thanks a lot!




You can turn off the automatic snapshot deletion I believe if you dont want this

As for PM, I dont think we delete the backup from PM if a snapshot is created and error happens in unquiesce, only on storage (not 100% sure though).

Sorry to not be more helpful but the CMDs is a simple serial approach to integration, it was not designed for the complexity you are trying to solve. We are working on things in future SC which allow more control over workflows and custom abort steps for each task within a workflow but well that isnt in any SC version you can download and use today. I can just say we do understand the limitations of SC 3.x and are working on addressing them in 4.0 and beyond.

Other than scripting and handling logic yourself I am afraid there arent any other options for SC.

NetApp also has another product called WFA (workflow automator) maybe a combination of SC and WFA would solve your needs?