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Snap Creator 4.1.0c agent on Windows, service "stopping" but unresponsive



On one of our Windows servers, we tried to restart the SC agent (4.1.0c), but this failed, basically the Windows service is now stuck in "stopping" as can be seen from the "services" view of server manager.

There's no snapcreator.exe process running anywhere, and there is no port 9090 in use anymore, but since the service is "stopping", not stopped, there's no way to start it anymore. Is there anything in particular that can be done, or any information that can be collected to see if this is caused by some sort of bug or issues ?

Thanks in advance,

Filip Sneppe



Hi Filip,

I'd advise you to go into the taskmanager and check if there are any procrun.exe and java.exe still running, that are originating from the scAgent installation dir (you can add a column in the taskmanager, that shows the command line parameters). I'd also advise to upgrade to the 4.1 GA release, as there has been a couple of fixes regarding starting/stopping/restarting the agent.

Please let me know if this helps!