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Snap Creator 4.1 Release - January 23rd


*Note: Modified the original subject to reflect the new release date*

Greetings everyone,

I wanted to update this thread to indicate that Snap Creator 4.1 is on track for a release of January 23rd.

The software has been turned over to the web team for posting, so our part is done.  we just have to wait for the software to be uploaded and the links to go live.

Once the software is available we will be posting an update/blog here and sending out an email to announce the release.

Thank you for your patience!



Greetings everyone,

We were on track for our scheduled released of tomorrow, January 9th, and have identified a fairly serious bug that we wanted to address before release.

This bug would likely have only affected a small percentage of users, but we want to deliver the best code that we can and have just (in the last hour) made the decision to hold the release for a few days.

This bug has already been fixed, but it will take a little time for us to do some testing and verify that there are no other similar issues pending.

Hopefully this will only delay the release by a few days, but depending on how the web team responds (they are responsible for actually posting the software) it may be a little longer to actually stage the software and get it publicly available.

Once the software is released we will post a blog and an release email will be sent.  We'll also update this thread as we have more info.

Thank you for you patience and we apologize for the delay. 

More information as we have it.





Hey everyone,

Snap Creator 4.1 is expected to be released on January 23rd.

Like most companies we have policies and procedures that need to be followed, and that has introduced a delay into getting the software into your hands.

As mentioned the fix for this bug is in place and testing is in progress.

At NetApp we post new software for release on Thursdays and there is a week lead time to actually get it on the download site.

This means that we will submit Snap Creator 4.1 next Thursday (1/16) for posting and it will be posted to the web site on the following Thursday (1/23).

We were hoping to get the software to you sooner, but we didn't want to rush our testing.

Thanks again for your patience - please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

You can post here or reach out to me at spinks at netapp dot com.




Updated original post.  Bumping thread for updated info.




Thanks for the regular updates regarding the SnapCreator 4.1 release date!