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Snap Creator Wrapper Script No Longer Works After Upgrade from 4.0p1 to 4.1P1


Greetings!  I recently upgraded my Snap Creator server from v4.0p1 to v4.1P1 in preparation for an OnTap upgrade from 8.1.2 to 8.2.1 7-mode.  Prior to the upgrade, we used a wrapper script to run an application consistent backup in our IBM FileNet environment.  We setup a Windows task to call the batch file each night and the job ran for approximately 3 - 4 minutes.  After the upgrade, we ran the job to verify that everything was working and it ran for about 15 seconds before Windows reported it was completed.  I checked the SC logs and there was no indication that the backup had run.  I was wondering if this could be related to the change to HTTPS.  My script is pretty basic so hopefully it doesn't require a lot to get it to work.  Here is an example of the .bat file we are trying to call:

rem Quiesce/Write suspend DB before backup of LUNs and CIFS

snapcreator.exe --user admin --passwd xxxxxxx --profile p8tst --config db2 --action quiesce --verbose --debug


rem Stop Verity Server service before backup of LUNs and CIFS

sc \\SMLP8TST3 stop "Verity K2 6.2.1 Administration Server"


rem Wait for Verity Server service to stop before running backup of LUNs and CIFS


          sc \\SMLP8TST3 query "Verity K2 6.2.1 Administration Server" | findstr STOPPED

          if [%errorlevel%]==[1]          (

                    echo Still Running

                    PING -n 1 -w 1000 >NUL

                    goto :while1



rem Backup CIFS and LUNS

snapcreator.exe --user admin --passwd xxxxxxx --profile p8tst --config cifs --action backup --policy daily --verbose --debug

rem Backup VMs

snapcreator.exe --user admin --passwd xxxxxxx --profile p8tst --config vm --action backup --policy daily --verbose --debug


rem UnQiesce/Write Resume DB

snapcreator.exe --user admin --passwd xxxxxxx --profile p8tst --config db2 --action unquiesce --verbose --debug

   rem Start Verity Server service

sc \\SMLP8TST3 start "Verity K2 6.2.1 Administration Server"

Could it be as simple as adding in the SC server name and specifying the HTTPS port?  I have tested all of the configs in the SC console and they all run correctly.  The only issue I am seeing is with my script that bundles them into a single job.  Any advice/assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I need to get this working quickly as the upgrade is happening this weekend.  Thank you in advance!





Are you getting any error messages at all?

Do you pipe the output from the batch script somewhere you can check it?

Do you need to fully qualify your path to Snap Creator in your script?

If you don't provide the --server parameter then we will default to localhost.  If you don't provide --port then we will default to 8443. 

When you say you tested the commands, can you confirm that you manually ran the same commands that are in the script through the Windows CLI?

I assume this is the case, but I wanted to be sure.

If there is any sort of error message we may be able to help more.





I figured out the issue. When I ran the wrapper script from a cmd prompt

pointed to the SC installation directory, it ran as expected. After some

digging, we found a path setting in the server's environmental variables

pointing to the old version's location. Once we modified that, the job

ran from the task scheduler just fine.

Thanks for getting back to me. Your questions pointed me in a direction I

had not gone and ultimately got me to the solution.

I have one quick question that I was wondering if you could answer. As I

mentioned in the original post, we are upgrading to OnTap 8.2.1 7-mode

this weekend. I had gone through the interoperability matrix a few times

as we prepared for this upgrade to make sure we had all the right versions

installed. At one point, when I looked at Snap Creator, it appeared that

SnapDrive 7 was the only supported version for 8.2.1. I looked again

yesterday, and it now showed that SnapDrive 6.x was also supported. Can

you confirm if that is true? Otherwise, I still need to upgrade SnapDrive

from 6.5 to 7.

Thank you,

Bill Cook

Infrastructure Engineer

Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York

100 Court St.

P.O. Box 1625

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Glad that helped

In regards to SnapDrive - Snap Creator does not have any dependency on SnapDrive, so I would guess that it is supported.

If SnapDrive is in the mix, we are typically calling SnapDrive via a Snapshot Create command in the Snap Creator config file.

If the IMT says it is supported, then that should cover it.

If it is missing we may need to ping our developers or QA and figure out if there is a reason why.

It could be that some other component in the mix has a SnapDrive dependency even if Snap Creator does not.

Hope this helps!