Data Backup and Recovery

Snap Creator [for Domino] in a VM with SMVI and SnapVault


I'm integrating a number of IBM Domino servers running in Windows Server 2008 R2, virtualized in VMware. We also have VSC/SMVI and Protection Manager.

Furthermore, I'm using Snap Creator with the Domino plugin to achieve consistent Domino backups. The Domino data and logs are on dedicated volumes/qtrees/luns, but not Raw Device Mappings. Instead they are regular data stores in vSphere, but assigned to only this Domino VM.

I have created a Data Set through snapcreator cli, and used a Protection Policy to create the SnapVault relationships. This all looks normal.

The Snap Creator configuration is using SnapDrive as the snapshot initiator within the VM and I get to the point where Domino is successfully quiesced, the snapshot of the data and log disks are taken and Domino unquisced.

The problems start when I try to integrate a SnapVault update. As far as I can tell, the SnapVault update is looking for a snapshot name on the primary filer, but can't find any snapshot with that name. If I look in SnapDrive within the VM, the snapshot is named how I've specified it in the Snap Creator configuration file, in my case "domino_hostname_daily_timestamp" for example.

If I look on the snapshots that exist on the volume through System Manager, the actual name of the snapshot is "smvi__domino_hostname_daily_timestamp_anothertimestamp" The "anothertimestamp" is a few seconds off from the first timestamp. No wonder SnapVault is unable to sync the snapshot, the name isn't what Snap Creator expects.

I'd like to point out that I haven't configured any scheduled backup job in VSC/SMVI, so I can't really exclude the datastores since there's no job to exclude them from. I've tried to configure the data and log datastores and "Independent Persistent" disks in vCenter, but this has had no effect.

I suspect this is the same issue myself and others have seen when configuring SnapManager for SQL in a similar setup. SMSQL has one naming convention, SMVI adds a "smvi__" prefix and timestamp. Likely I can use the same workaround; to use RDM. However, I have to raise shields to deflect the incoming flak from the VMware folks across the office.

We are also using the sv-smvi script/executable for SMVI as a whole, but now I need to handle Domino (and SQL and Oracle when I get around to it) with Snap Creator and SMx.




You can remove the "smvi_" prefix...

On the server where VSC is installed go to : C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\smvi\server\etc

Edit the smvi.override file.

Add the following line : {backupName}_{date}_{time}

Save the file and restart the smvi service.

I hope this will help you.

I have exactely the same config as you... could you give me some details to interface snapcreator for domino with protection manager ? Because i have some problem with the snapcreator scheduler and i want to use protection manager but i don't know how it works...

Thank you in advance.