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Snap manager for SQL install queries




I plan to install Snap Manager for SQL is user environment. After I study the document I have follow queries and need for advise. The user environment is a VMware with 2 SQL VM server, each hold individual DB and is running on NetApp storage already.


1. Snap drive need to install on both SQL server?

2. I plan to use the remote Snap Manager server on a Win 2016 VM server. Do I still need to install SM on both SQL server for access?

3. If use the remote SM, do the VM need to access the LUN (the VM contain the DB)?

4. In the install guide it mention need to migrate the DB to NetApp LUN. If the VM already locate in NetApp storage still need to do this step?











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Yes, Snapdrive and SM for SQL on both servers.

You didn't mention if this a clustered environ ?


The LUNs for the DB should be owned by their own Vserver, seperate from the VMware vserver.


I think we can snap a VMDK these days, but I'd migrate theSQL data to a LUN.

With the latest implementations it's now possible to host SQL on CIFS SMB 3 continuously available share...


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Thanks for your reply. In current user environment, they have only 1 Vserver. 4 LUNs add as 4 Datastore to ESX server. One of the LUN have 2 VMDK located for DB server. They are 2 independent DB servers working on its own DB. So I guess what you means in Snap Manager need to have individual LUN for each DB server? So current configuration not a good support configuration for Snap Manager? Current user can perform the VM backup job through VSC and SnapCenter. If we plan to use Snap Manager for SQL, do we need to change current configruation?