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Backup fail on VSC6.2.1P1




I'm new to VSC and Snapcenter. My user have the VSC6.2.1P1 install and register with SnapCenter 2.0. When I create a backup job from VSC, it fail with following error:


"Bckup of Test_backup usng policy Test_policy1 on xxxxxxx failed with error: Failed on Snapcenter_server: Activity "Creating Snapshot copy" failed with error: Create snapshot "xxxxxxxxx" failed: Error: The credentials for the storage system is not configured."


I register the storage using SVM IP address, and the IP address show in the error is the cluster admin IP address. Do I need to register this IP address also?


But when I register this admin IP address to Snapcenter and re-run the backup job, it show another error prompting me that "the snapshot failed casue it conected to cluster admin vserver and it should connect to data vserver"


What should I do the get the correct connection to storage?






On VSC i must add the admin cluster svm. Die other SVMs where discovered automaticly by vsc.




VSC for VMware vSphere behaves differently if SVMs connect directly or use cluster management LIFs Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere supports connecting a storage system directly to either a Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) or to a cluster management LIF. When the storage connects directly to an SVM, not all of the VSC features are supported. To use all of the features, you must connect the storage to a cluster management LIF.
In addition, if you have a VSC environment that supports SnapCenter, you must use the VSC GUI to add the SVMs to VSC as clusters. Otherwise, you will not be able to use all the VSC features.
Note: SnapCenter only performs backups on SVMs, and it requires that the SVMs use direct connections. Using the SnapCenter GUI to add the SVMs as direct connections and the VSC GUI to add the same SVMs as clusters enables you to work around this issue.
VSC supports the following features when the storage system connects to a cluster management LIF. However, VSC does not support these features when the storage system connects directly to an SVM:


Thanks for your reply.


So my understanding is on SnapCenter I need to connect direct to SVM IP address, which is what I configure now. And on VSC, current I discover the storage through cluster management IP address, so I need to add the SVM IP to current cluster management IP, right? How to do this from the web GUI? Current on VSC I saw it discover the cluster management IP as the storage and also the SVM but without its assign IP. What extra step I need to perform?




okay i check the configuration and found we have stop the use of snapcenter and use only vsc.


SnapCenter only allows direct connections to SVMs; however, VSC requires connections to cluster management LIFs or you will not be able to access all of the VSC features.

You can accommodate these requirements by setting up your storage systems in the following manner:

  • In the SnapCenter GUI, add the SVMs as direct connections.
  • In the VSC GUI, add the cluster LIFs for the storage systems.

this says you are right, but i think we had use on both vsc and sc only the svm added without cluster mngt.