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SnapCenter 1.1 PowerShell cmdlet install on remote host


Does anyone have instructions/info on how to install the SnapCenter 1.1 PowerShell cmdlets on a remote host, such as my laptop? I have the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit v4.3.0 installed on my workstation - though the output of Get-Module shows it at version 4.1.0, even though Windows Programs and Features lists it as 4.3.0  .... at any rate, the SnapCenter cmdlets do not appear to be contained within this toolkit, and the "SnapCenter Software 1.1 Windows Cmdlet Reference" PDF document does not provide any details on how to install them on a remote host... until I can figure out how to do this, I have to RDP into my SnapCenter server, just to run SnapCenter PowerShell cmdlets.



HI Rick,


You can do this :

1. configure winrm quickconfig on snapcenter server and other server which have powershell. 

2.  from the other server you can have powershell session of snapcenter server. 


enter-pssession -computername <hostname>  -Credential domain\administrator -------------------------> "do no specify ipaddress in computername".

once your down with the session you exit.





PS C:\Users\administrator.SDWORLD> Enter-PSSession -ComputerName Win2012-R2-01 -Credential domain\administrator
[Win2012-R2-01]: PS C:\> dir

Directory: C:\

Mode LastWriteTime Length Name
---- ------------- ------ ----
d---- 7/26/2016 11:31 AM FTP
d---- 4/28/2016 3:40 PM inetpub
d---- 9/22/2016 3:22 AM newfolder
d---- 7/26/2012 12:44 AM PerfLogs
d-r-- 10/24/2016 3:41 PM Program Files
d---- 7/22/2016 3:57 PM Program Files (x86)
d-r-- 10/15/2016 9:04 PM Users
d---- 10/17/2016 12:21 PM Windows

[Win2012-R2-01]: PS C:\> Get-Module -Name SnapCenter

ModuleType Name ExportedCommands
---------- ---- ----------------
Manifest SnapCenter {Add-SmCloneDataSet, Add-SmCloneJob, Add-SmGroupToRole, Add-SmHost...}


[Win2012-R2-01]: PS C:\> exit-pssession


Hope this help