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SnapCenter 2.0 Advanced License


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I am in the middle of doing an evaluation of SnapCenter 2.0 functionality with Altavault 4.3 integration. The installation of both software products went fine. But now I'm stuck with the SnapCenter Advanced License, which is needed, among other things, for the Altavault replication.

"Cloud backup for NAS File Services and file catalog features require SnapCenter Advanced licenses, which are available for purchase separately from NetApp or a NetApp authorized reseller".


So I ordered an Advanced Promo License via our NetApp reseller, which was suggested by the NetApp Partner Solution Center EMEA. I've got a SO# and visited >> Products  >>   Manage Products  >>   Software Licenses. From there I am getting redirected -> "Go to to obtain your license". But on this page I can't select SnapCenter. Today, after one month with an open non-technical case, I've got the following answer from NetApp: "The PROMO version does not require an NLF, which is why there is no selection for it on the registration site. You will not require NLF for the promo version.". So back to square one after 6 weeks. 😞


Does anyone know, how to obtain the license and how to activate it within SnapCenter? Thanks in advance!


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While the license is legally needed, there is no way to apply the license inside of SnapCenter 2.0.

The license is required, but it is not enforced or applied in any way.


Since there is no enforcement the message that appears was required to inform users that they need to acquire the license if they have not already done so.

The message can be closed by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner of the message (it is a bit hard to see).


Licenses will be enforced in the next release of SnapCenter.


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