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SnapCenter 3.0 Message Queue Issue




I have a brand new installation of SnapCenter 3.0 (not upgraded) and I have the vSphere plugin installed on a separate server, I have message queueing running on both the SnapCenter server and the vSphere plugin server.


When I try to run a backup it fails instantly with the error "An error occured while adding job to jobQ: Message Queue service is not available." in SnapCenter, the job logs aren't of any help and nothing in event logs on either server.


Any ideas where to look next, there's very little information around on the web given this is a new feature with SC 3.0


Edit: Upon further investigation I am also getting this same error when attempting to run newly configured SQL Backups via SnapCenter, which points to the issue being with Message Queueing directly on the SnapCenter server itself?





Message Queuing is going to be needed on the SnapCenter Server.  The installation should have automatically installed it, but I have heard of a few cases where this didn't happen for some reason.  

I'd certainly verify that message queuing is enabled on the SnapCenter Server as well as the plug-in host.


If that doesn't resolve the issue the best thing to do would be to open a support case.  

They can gather the logs and triage the issue properly.