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SnapCenter 4.0 SnapVault update failed for the relationship


Some of You may have noticed my previous posts regarding configuration issues, those are more likely gone. Now I've an issue regarding scheduled snapshots and theyre
Snapvaoult update.

In my SC4.0 environment I have already 4 HANA ressources (based on 4 different HANA Hosts) added and sceduled. As all these HANA Databases belong to the same customer, all HANA Volumes are located on a common "primary" svm and theyre snapvaults are on a common sv_svm as well.


All 4 setups are (I'm pretty sure...) totaly identical but one ressource causes -again- this fault during it's snapvault copy process:


SnapVault update failed for the relationship [PROD1VS001 : prod1vs001_qc5_data ==> PROD1VS003 : sv_prod1vs001_qc5_data]
with error: Snapshot copy 'prod1dhq04_hana_QC5_prod1dhq04_02-21-2018_20.05.03.2814' not found on the SnapVault
destination prod1VS003 : sv_prod1vs001_qc5_data


both, the snapshot and also the snapvault copy on NetApp side looks fine, so where's the problem or how could I get this in sync?





please check if you can find some more details or useful information in the SMcore logs.


then as reported in the documentation


While performing backup operations with SnapVault or SnapMirror update enabled, an error might be displayed stating that a Snapshot copy could not be found on the destination storage system.
The issue occurs when the plug-in performs a query for the destination Snapshot copy while the status of the SnapMirror or SnapVault operation is pending idle.


Corrective action
You must include the following parameters and specify the value in the appsetting section of the SMCoreServiceHost.exe.Config file located under SmCore in the SnapCenter Server.
 <add key="SnapmirrorRetry" value=retry_value/>
 <add key="SnapmirrorTimeout" value=timeout_value/>


The value assigned to SnapmirrorRetry defines the maximum number of checks that can done to identify whether the SnapMirror is transferred. The value (milliseconds) assigned to SnapmirrorTimeout defines the time lapse after each check.


Hi Matte,


I placed this two statements into the config, as You mentioned:

    <add key="SnapmirrorRetry" value="10" />

    <add key="SnapmirrorTimeout" value="500" />

Now in fact this "error" did not come up anymore but the snapshot copies on snapvault side 
are still not listes in Snapcenter ressource overview even
if from netapp's perspective (snapvault side) the copies are there.

Is there a way to get this overview of available snapvault backups refreshed within Snapcenter?


I've an update for those of You who may concern:


placing the two Parameter/values

    <add key="SnapmirrorRetry" value="10" />

    <add key="SnapmirrorTimeout" value="500" />

into the SnapCenter configuration file (as matte mentioned did not solve the issue -in total-, as I had no clue how to find proper values.

I opened a support-call and got the advise to only set the first parameter/value to

    <add key="SnapmirrorRetry" value="90" />

and from that time on, snapvault copy processes completed more often in-time and got reported towards the 
SnapCenter repository.


I tested in three steps:

1st: I changed the scheduling.


During the vault-Situation, four HANA ressources belonging to a common svm and it's coresponding snapvault svm were scheduled for snap at 8:pm

I separated them by 15 minutes


result: only sometimes one schedule finished with the mentioned warning.


2nd: I put the snapmirrorretry parameter with value 90 in place


result: All schedules went fine.


3rd: I rescheduled all four jobs to start simultaniously again


All four schedules started at 8 pm


result: All schedules went fine.


Even though this situation might be cleared there is still one thing left: Whenever communication between NetApp and Snapcenter either stucks (reaches a timeout) or interrupted,

there seems to be no way getting SnapCenter Repository in sync again with Netapp's (snapshot/snapvaoul/snapmiror) facts.


My Support Call is still open and I wonder if this is stuff for an RFC. I'll keep You updated.



Interested in hearing how this turns out.  I'm fighting the same problem vaulting an MSSQL database.  The vault snapshots are there, SnapCenter doesn't show any, and it reports failure on the vault update job every week.


Ok i find the solution in your text 🙂