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SnapCenter 4.0 and VMware plug-in : installation OK but plug-in not installed on vCenter server


Hello at all,

After installing SnapCenter 4.1P1 on Windows Server 2016, I want installed the VMware Plug-in for vSphere Server.


I used the SnapCenter server for install SnapCenter VMware plug-in. (I used a user of my domain who is SnapCenter Administrator). 


After the finish installation, SnapCenter server specified that the vCenter plugin is install normally.

Whan I verify, The plugin for Windows is installed on a SnapCenter server.  (It's OK). 

But the VMware plugin for vSphere Server is not install or not present on the vSphere Web Client.

My vCenter is a appliance of VMware 6.5 who not connected at my Miscrosoft Domain.

During  the installation, I used during the installation of the plugin in the vCenter, the administrator@vsphere.local account.


For information, My SnapCenter server can communicate with the vcenter Server (https://vcenter_server:9443 is OK). 

In the vSphere Web client, the administrator@vsphere.local is a member of the SVC Administrator.

When I go to https://SnapCenter_server:8144/register.html, my vCenter is registered normally.


Thank you for your help. 


It's very frustrating.







Can you try checking the mob entry for the plugin in the Vcenter server


and verify below extension listed there  "com.netapp.nvpf.webclient"

If so, please restart Webclient service once and try login to Vcenter server and verify plugin visible.


I resolv my problem. 

It's important to install the VMware plugin with a other windows server. 

Thank for your help.





that's not a requirment.

You can install the plugin on the SnapCenter server but you need to be sure that it is regustered with the right interface. (if you have mutiple nics i.e you need to specify the right one).




i have the same issue but i can't understood what you did exactly to solve this issue?

what you mean by install the VMware plugin with a other windows server. ???

Yes. You need to insatall plugin on other server. With Windows, the plugin must be install with local administrator. 

And your new server will communicate with you vCenter. 

You need to use on the vCenter, the vSphere Web Client with the user that you specified on the installation.


Snapcenter Plugin for VMWARE Vsphere can be installed on the same server as Snapcenter,

Select hosts -

Add host -

Host OS/S - VSphere - 

Host Name- Snapcenter Server Name

You will be asked few more questions like entering the Vcenter server credentials before you finish process


Did you do anything different?