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SnapCenter 4.3.1 P2 MySQL plugin on mariadb 5.5.65 - credentials not being passed


We are using the mysql plugin on snapcenter 4.3.1 P2. The plugin auto creates the mysql instance resource. But when we try to configure the credentials for the resource we get the error that "No username password " during the quiesce phase of backup.


Credential prep: local unix account created on target, same account created with full privileges on all databases, such that mysql -u <user> -p gains access to mariadb database. The local account is given passwordless sudo (just to make it easy).


SnapCenter credentials created as linux credential.


mariadb "SELECT @@datadir;" is /var/lib/mysql and is a NFS mount


The documentation for the mysql plugin states that there really isn't too much tinkering with the plugin arguments, certainly are any credential arguments listed or documented. I started to suspect that MySQL and mariadb have diverged sufficiently to break it?