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SnapCenter 4.4 vSphere Plug-in for VMware vSphere appsettings-storage


Dear All,


We have recently installed/upgraded to version 4.4 of SCV.
We received sereral errors: 

Error: Unable to find Snapshot (<snapshotname>) on volume (<volume name>). Failed to attach the label to the specified Snapshot copy.(<snapshotname>) Invalid response returned by Set-NcSnapshot: 0 , Start Time: 02/22/2021 12:30:13 AM, End Time: 02/22/2021 12:30:20 AM.


Error: Vault failed: SnapVault update failed for the relationship [<svm_name : volname>==> <svm_name : volname>] with error: Snapshot copy '<snapshotname>' not found on the SnapVault destination <svm_name : volname>, Start Time: 02/22/2021 12:50:07 AM, End Time: 02/22/2021 02:50:28 AM.



for this we changed the settings.


To my opinion, it's stupid that these originally "hidden" settings need to be added in some JSON-file...
But why does netapp not explain what these settings mean?... who can explain these settings?
We use snapvault for updating the secondary... This should mean we only have to add the first variables? althought NetApp used snapmirror/snapvault mixed together...


"SNAPSHOT_CHECK_RETRY": "120",  = nr of retries to check if the snapshot was created on the detination.
"SNAPSHOT_CHECK_TIMEOUT": "60000", = interval time between checking if the snapshot was created on the destination
"SnapshotDiscoverRetryIntervalSecond": "10000", = ? what should it check every 2 Hours en 46 minutes?
"SnapshotDiscoverMaxRetryExist": "9", ...does this mean it 9*each 10.000 seconds checking if the primary snapshot was made ????


"SnapmirrorRetry": "360",
"SnapmirrorTimeout": "300000"
"MaxRetrySnapmirrorHistory": "300",
"RetryIntervalSecondSnapmirrorHistory": "4",


We already have changed the settings to:
"SnapshotDiscoverRetryIntervalSecond": "10000",
"SnapshotDiscoverMaxRetryExist": "20",


=Just by guessing that 10000 seconds is in fact 10000 milliseconds.... So now the primary snapshot creating can take up to 20*10 seconds... before the label-attachment times-out....


Can anybody help with this...?