Data Backup and Recovery

SnapCenter plugin for DB2 questions


I would like to get an explanation on the work of the plugin for backup DB / 2.

1. If the write_suspend command fails when executing the script, the snapshot is not created, and there is no setting to repeat the task for a certain time. In the event of such a situation, we are left without an actual backup. How to solve this problem? When will the replay functionality of a failed task appear?

2. To complete the task, you must specify the username and password of the user who is the owner of the instance. There is no possibility to run through SUDO as another user. Our owners of logins and passwords are administrators of information systems, they can change the password at any time without our notification and the tasks will stop going through. There is a need to run tasks on behalf of a user dedicated to the RK, who will not be the owner of the instance, but will have the necessary rights. When is this functionality implemented?

3. Regularly emerging need - to restore a database from a backup to another server, for example, from a production segment to a development segment. In the current version of the plug-in, there is no functionality for restoring a DB2 database to another server. Are there any plans to improve the functionality?