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SnapCenter Scheduled task not running - no errors in logs?


Hi there


Have a very strange issue using Snapcenter v4.4 to backup MS SQL databases. We have 4 servers with 2 each in 2 resource groups each with 3 policies applied with schedules.


The schedules are set to run from the MS SQL agent via the snapCenter GUI and I can see them in MS SQL on each server.


On 1 server 1 of the jobs works fine and the other 2 never seem to run, on the other server 2 jobs run fine as per schedule and the 3rd never seems to run.


There are no errors in the logs, or joblauncherlog


if I execute the agent jobs from MS SQL manually they run fine.


Seems strange that all 6 jobs have been created automatically via snapcenter using the same creds etc and yet 3 do not run. 


Have I hit a known issue/bug and if so has anyone found a work around for this?


Thank you