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SnapCenter VM Compatibility Checks are very slow, any way to speed them up.


We've been running SnapCenter since 4.0.  We just installed 4.2 yesterday and although it seems to be a bit more stable, it still has an issue with how long it takes to check compatibility.  It does this check twice every time you open a resource Group in vCenter.   I was hoping the Data Broker appliance would help this out.  We have about 1200 vm's in our main vCenter so opening the resource group can take 3-5 minutes and times out the web page several times.  Sometimes I just want to check the schedule or ensure we aren't grabbing spanned entities and you can't do that until it does this check twice.

Is there a way to tune the Data Broker appliance (more RAM or CPU) to speed this up?  



@d_to_the_c are you still looking for the solution?