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SnapCenter - clone multiple SQL databases


I have a SQL Server instance with several databases, all in the same lun. I have created a resoure group for these databases so they are all backed up together as one volume snapshot.


I now want to clone them all to another server. As far as I can see there is no option to do this other than to clone each database individually. This is not only time consuming but also results in a separate volume clone for each database.


Is there any way to clone the databases in one operation, as one volume clone?



For what it's worth, we're having the same issue.  So far the response I've gotten through ticket is that it is not supported.  Which strikes me as odd, because if you do a clone job with all the same resources as the backup; it will run an on demand backup, and then mount it. So it essentially seems to do what they say is not supported.


Our attempt at a work around Is to run the clone, and then script out the recovery of the other databases. We're attempting to remove having to do the clone from SnapCenter 3.0 and just control it all from the script.  Unfortunately, I've yet to be able to figure out the new-SmClone powershell cmdlet.  Even with an open support case for almost two weeks now. 


I've got this to work using Powershell:


New-SmClone `

-BackupName 'sql01_dba_test_db_sql01_10-26-2017_19.10.34.5635' `

-Resources @{Host='';Type='SQL Database';Names='SQL01\DBA_TEST\TestDb,SQL01\DBA_TEST\TestDb2'} `

-CloneToInstance 'SQL02\DBA_TEST2' `

-AssignMountPointUnderPath 'c:\' `

-Suffix ('_xxx') `

-LogRestoreType None `

-AppPluginCode SMSQL


For the log restores you have 4 options:

-LogRestoreType None
-LogRestoreType All
-LogRestoreType ByTransactionLogs -LogCount 2
-LogRestoreType BySpecificDate -LogCutOffDateTime get-date('2017-10-30 14:15')

However, the 4th does not work, but is being fixed BURT 1107997