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SnapCenter cmdlet reference


Is there any information with regards to when the cmdlet help and cmdlet reference documentation is going to be updates to actually contain some useful details.


Currently the documentation doesn't have anything other than cmdlet name and list of parameters for many of the cmdlets, and doesn't have any useful descriptions or examples, the same goes for the cmdlets themselves. get-help on the cmdlets isn't very helpful at all.



As a follow up to this, even some of the cmdlets that do have some help, the examples are pretty terrible.


Take Get-SmResourceGroup for example, it doesn't seem like the parameter -ResourceGroupName even does anything as it always returns "Resource Group name must be alpha numeric, Please enter a valid Resource Group name" regardless of what I enter. In the Get-Help examples there is only 1 example for this cmdlet which is:



This example syntax retrieves information about all resource groups.


How are we supposed to automate these products successfully when basic cmdlets don't work.


Even things like Install-SmHostPackage, you have to pass it an array with a single item in for the -HostName param, why can't it just take a string like most other cmdlets would?



Edit: Looks like "Get-SmResourceGroup -ResourceGroupName" cannot take values with spaces in, which seems bizar as you can create them with space in the GUI. "VMNAME Full Backup" is a valid Resource Group Name but the cmdlet won't accept it, if it was called "VMNAMEFullBackup" instead, that would work with the cmdlet.....




   Add-SmResourceGroup and Set-SmResourceGroup do take values with spaces.


You need to give the values in quotes.


Ex: Add-SmResourceGroup -ResourceGroupName 'test rg' -PluginCode SCSQL .......


Ex: Get-SmResourceGroup -ResourceGroupName 'test rg'


Above cmds does work without any issues.


Hi mrahul,


Yes I managed to get to the bottom of this after logging a support call.


This issue was I was running the cmdlet on my local machine after using open-smconnection to the SnapCenter server.


NetApp have confirmed that the cmdlets are not supported to be run from anywhere but where SnapCenter server is installed. It's rather disappointing as it makes remote administration and automation difficult and these are some of the things that PowerShell used for. With the SnapCenter cmdlets you have to either wrap everything in invoke-command or run the script on the SnapCenter server directly.


A request was put on by the NetApp support person (ID 116845) to request the cmdlets are tested for remote usage and if possible provide support for remote usage.