Data Backup and Recovery

SnapCenter deferred SQL Verification Jobs


HI there


Snapcenter Version 4.3.1P2

MS SQL 2016 on Server2016


I have been trying to schedule a deferred verification on an SQL resource group. The group has 3 policies attached


1: A logs only back up runs every 30mins on the 15th and 45th Min

2: A full back up with logs and no verify runs every 2 hours on the odd hours 1,3,5 etc

3: A full backup with logs with remote verify runs every 6 hours on the 00, 06, 12, 18


In the Gui I have set the verification schedule to every 6 hours on the 01, 07,13,19 


Once setup I can see all the backup jobs in the scheduler screen and 1 to 3 run on time, but as expected 3 does not execute the verify. When the time for the verify comes nothing happens, there are no jobs started and after 1-2 mins the schedule changes to the next run time in 6 hours with no errors that I can find in any of the logs etc.


I have tried setting the verify schedule to the same times as policy 3 i.e 00, 06 etc and have the same outcome, backup runs but no verify is undertaken.


if i invoke a manual backup using policy 3 and select verify it works fine.


if I alter the verification options to remove the schedule and use  the run after backup option , i.e no deferred schedule then the backup runs and the verification is undertaken.


Have I misunderstood the verification schedule purpose?


if so can someone explain where I am going wrong please?


Also what is the deferred backup number in the verification schedule meant to do, I have it set to 1, the documentation is unclear so a little light on its purpose would also help


thank you






Verification schedules should get triggered as per the schedule window set. There shouldn't be any issue here.

Verification schedule is handled by the SC server windows task scheduler while the SQL backup schedules are handled by the Plugin Host windows task scheduler. Please check the server time setting difference if any. 


'deferred backup number in the verification schedule' is the number of backups you would like to get verified when the verification schedule kicks in.


For Ex: If your backup runs every hour and verification schedule is set to 5hr 30 mins window, by the time verification schedule runs you would have 5 backups already. You can specify how many backups you need to verify by setting this number.