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SnapCentre Architecture and HA


Guys, moving from SMO to SnapCentre to keep within support for our Oracle DBs. Currently, we run SMO scripts locally on the hosts to backup our DBs and these scripts are triggered by a central batch scheduling utility that's in a HA config. As such, the script definitions are stored on the hosts and simply triggered form the batch scheduling software which  is in HA so no production issues if we have to take a node in the scheduler down for patching etc. I'm wondering, if we move to SnapCentre where are script definitions stored and triggered from? Does SnapCentre have to be up for the schedules to run? If so, can it exist in a HA pair?



We don't have SnapCenter in HA configuration and haven't seen one myself, so cannot give you first hand answer. However, I tried to look up information for SnapCenter HA and it is definitely a allowed configuration. From the NetApp documentation, it appears "SnapCenter High Availability is setup automatically when SnapCenter is installed on Windows Servers that have the Microsoft Network Load Balancing feature already in place. Following kB helps in configuring NLB & ARR if not in place already.


How to configure NLB and ARR with SnapCenter


SnapCenter Plug-In for Oracle Database [Also, talks about HA]


This is applicable only if you have f5 load_balancer: [Not applicable to all but it's very nicely written KB, worth a read nevertheless.]


My suggestion would be go through it (In case you haven't already read them), and test it (if that's possible) and come back with more questions. I think there is plenty of content in the TR to suggest it would work but it needs to be tested.

Good luck!




Thanks for the info. So if your SnapCentre was down, would the scheduled jobs run at the hosts?