Data Backup and Recovery

SnapCreator MySQL plug-in does not support backup and restore operations for multiple databases?


Questions about the statement in "Snap Creator Framework 4.3 Administration Guide" page 77, as the subject.


1. Does this mean that it can only backup and restore MySQL server with a single database? 

2. Why can we input "A list of MySQL database(s) and the username/password" for parameter "MYSQL_DATABASES" then? 

3. What are the requirements of privileges or user rights for the database user?


4. There is an SnapCreator implementation that the customer wish to backup MySQL enterprise server 5.6.3 on Linux Centos 6.5, with multiple databases reside on a single NetApp data and log iSCSI LUNs. Is this possible?

- MySQL enterprise server 5.6.3 on Linux Centos 6.5 (slave)

- Data ONTAP 8.3.1 Clustered-mode

- one iSCSI LUN for Data (2.3TB)

- one iSCSI LUN for Log (1.1TB)

- 32 databases (including system database)

- SnapCreator Server on Windows 2012 DCE

- nightly backup


5. There is a BUG 604517 that seems to related to this. Will it be fixed?