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SnapCreator Snapvault restore for Oracle ASM on rawdevices failed


HI guys,

Need some help here.

I am trying to do snapvault backups for some volumes that houses Oracle Databases.

A bit of background here. A total of 14 LUNs were presented the a pair of DB servers for Oracle ASM on rawdevices. DBA created 3 instances include the ASM instance on the DB servers. I did a manual base qtree snapvault for all the 14 LUNs. After which I configured SnapCreator on one of the DB servers to do snapvault for 2 instances (ASM instance not included). I did a test on the snapvault backup and it works. Checked oracle alert logs to confirm that instances were put into hot-backup mode. DBA then deleted some data on the DBs and when a snapvault restore was ran, all seems find. But when we tried to start up the instances only the ASM instance could start.

Anyone knows if I missed out something?

BTW the OS are RHEL3 and Oracle is 10G R1.

Apologies for my bad english



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