Data Backup and Recovery

SnapCreator and Dataguard


Hi all


We've running SnapCreator in a customers environment for a few years. Now we're trying to integrate a dataguard (active-passiv) cluster into snapcreator. It is not possible to backup the passive database and the job fails so we've written a PRE_QUIESCE_CMD to check the status of the database. But how is it possible to tell the SnapCreator server to stop the job but not fail the job?


Does someone have experience with Dataguard and SnapCreator?


Thx and Regards Dario



A few of us talked about this internally, and we don't see a good option. Once you start the job, it's running. A nonzero return code from a script will fail the job. You could customize the plugin to get around this, btu that would require some coding.


One option would be to write a wrapper that checks whether a database is running as a standby, and if it isn't then it launches the SC job via the cli.