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SnapCreator clone causing DFM alerts LUN Offline


When my clone process runs through SnapCreator it is occassionally causing dfm alerts to trigger. Like this one. Is there anything I can do to keep this from alerting?


A Warning event at 21 Apr 18:35 Eastern Daylight Time on
Lun Path cl_combsco_cl_taurus_d_pid_002_20130421183001/pid_002/datadbs4 on
Active/Active Controller


LUN Offline.

LUN offline



Hello, Is there SME or SMSQL involved?

Like in case of SMSQL the verification tests do create clones and deletes them part of the verification process.

Just wanted to know what kind of cloning process you are performing.

Also how frequently the clones are generated.


I'm using an Informix plugin to SnapCreator.

I have 2 different servers that get refreshed by a clone. One is done daily at 4:30am the other is done twice daily at 18:30 and 2:30am.



I believe you have no DFM integration in your snapcreator configuration file.

These LUN online/offline events are detected by DFM to report any production LUNs going offline/online.

If you know how fast your cloned luns go offline and come back online, you may be able to tune a setting in DFM that can ignore these fast events.

You can tweak the interval from OM like below.

setup menu > Options > Edit Options: Monitoring > LUN monitoring interval, Fiber Channel monitoring interval, and SAN Host monitoring interval

But, you will run into risk of not reporting other production LUN events.

I have reached out to the OnCommand team as well on this to know if they have any other available option.