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SnapDrive 6.2 disk arrival timeout on ESX 4.0 W2k3 guest


Hi All,

I’ve run into an issue where when I try to create and mount a LUN in a w2k3 VM running on an ESX 4 cluster I get a disk arrival timeout error. The LUN gets created and mapped to an initiator group, but then fails to mount on the guest. The ESX server sees it when I do a storage rescan but the guest OS won’t mount it.

Anyone seen this behavior before?


Brian Moncsko



Please set the following timeout value in windows registry of the VM:

My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Disk\TimeOutValue (DWORD) = 190


Thanks for the reply. I had already made this registry change, so that wasn't the problem.


Were you ever able to figure out the issue?  I am experiencing the same issue.


SnapDrive Operation Start


Disk Create operation on server - 002

failed for reason Timeout has occurred while waiting for disk arrival notification from the operating system.


The complete operation list is shown as follows

------------------- ********************* Server Name: 002*********************

1. Checking input parameters

2. Checking access control

3. Checking policies

4. Turning off snap scheduling

5. Creating the LUN

6. Timeout has occurred while waiting for disk arrival notification from the operating system.  ...

------------------------------------------ Operation Done ---------------------------------------

host utilities 5.3

mpio 3.3.1

snapdrive 6.2

TimeOutValue set to 190 per discussion thread



Why did you install "mpio 3.3.1". this is not needed when installing snapdrive 6.2 in a vmware guest OS.

Are you using FCP of iSCSI ?

Did you replaced the LSI scsi drivers with the storport driver ? See for more information.

Also try using the latest version of snapdrive (6.2P1). You can find it here


Kris Boeckx



The ESX box is FC attached

The LSI driver has been upgraded.  It now reads LSI Adapter, Ultra320 SCSI 2000 series, (w/1020/1030)(StorPort)

Okay I uninstalled all the Netapp software and rebooted the vm server

Re-installed Host Utilities - it asks a question if I am running multiple paths to the filer heads?  Do I answer Yes or No ?

I have the ESX box with two fiber channel ports to the SAN.  Both initiators are shown in the igroup.



Just install snapdrive.

Don't install Host utilis or MPIO in you vmware guest os. Those functionality is handled by your vmware host (You should install host utilities on your vmware ESX, vmware is mpio ready)

Read through for the full explenation how to install your vmware & netapp enviroment

Read through and search for vmware.


Boeckx Kris



Confirmed.  I installed just SnapDrive on the client VM and was able to create a disk.  Thanks for letting me know that HUK and MPIO are not required on a VM guess OS.