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Hey guys


I'm rather new to the "clustered" world - I'm sure I'm missing something supremely obvious here but I am really kind of stuck in terms of setting up Hyper-V snapshots with replication on a new cDOT (9.1 btw) cluster.


Here's what I did in the "7-mode world" - I set up SnapManager Hyper-V to create regular snapshots. I then had a powershell script that initiated a snapvault transfer using the latest SMHV snapshot to the NearStore and created the Snapvault snapshot. All good.


Now ... I'm kind of stuck. The "new" snapmirror / snapvault (or mirrror-and-vault) requires snapshot-labes to be set, because it only pulls these snapshots, yes? Now - now on earth do I get SMHV to attach snapshot labels to the snapshots? Because the only way I have found so far is to apply a snapshot policy to the volume.

Which is of course not what I want - because I want application consistent snapshots, a "storage-side" snapshot policy is no good for me here.


Please, what am I missing?

Thanks guys!





The "Backup management group" reflects the snapmirror-labels you will get. Daily, weekly or smhv_daily for example.

You can also check it on the storage system:

snap show HYPERV_VOLUME -fields snapmirror-label


There is also an excellent KB about this "problem":


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thank you for your reply - it's working now. The problem was that for the SnapManager to do it's job properly not only do the transport protocol settings have to be there - the default (rpc) also has to be disabled.

Also I managed to get the snap labels set with the powershell-toolkit in case a solution can't handle this properly.