Data Backup and Recovery

SnapManager Management Groups


I am using SnapManager for Exchange v. to backup my exchange server.  I would like to create my own custom management group so as not to interfere with the three delivered with the software.  Is this possible, and if so, ho do I go about it?




there is a simple answer to this.

Unfortunately, we do not support the use of more than 3 groups.

Also, those groups are predefined, you can't even rename those.


Hope that clears it.

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Seems rather limiting, especially when you consider that these 3 predefined groups govern the retension policies of the snapshots.  Can the user community submit a change request to the software developers, for more groups and the ability to create custom groups?  If so, how do we submit those types of change requests?


if you care for my opinion, it's not limiting and it is already quite complex and challenging to manage 3 groups of retentions. Besides, I don't really see the point of creating more, especially considering that the log chain will be shared among the management groups or else you are marking your backups as PIT (point in time Restore) only, meaning you lose last changes after backup time.

however, you can always raise a Request for Enhancement (RFE) through the sales channel.


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