Data Backup and Recovery

SnapManager and Cross domain SQL Servers



I'm new to Netapp and it's software so apologies if this doesn't make sense or I'm being silly. Here's what I've got and want to achieve.

Production domain with a SQL instance

Test domain with a SQL instance

Is it possible, using SnapManager to clone the databases from the Live instance to our Test instance? I've configured Snap Manager on both servers, along with Snap drive yet if I try to add the other instance using SQL authentication it fails saying the credentials are wrong? I've checked the login on each server using the SA account and works just fine? Any ideas?



You should be able to create the same username with the same password in both domains then the username/password can pass through with the same credentials (manually have to keep snapamanger/snapdrive users the same).  You can also create a local user account on the NetApp (useradmin user add) of the same name and password and it should also pass through.