Data Backup and Recovery

SnapManager for Exchange, vRDM & Veeam


Dear NetApp Experts,

I have an issue with your product - SnapManager for Exchange (SME for short). I need to replicate Exchange 2007 VM (on VMware vSphere 5) with Veeam to a DRP site (which don't contains NetApp... 😞 ).

I have an issue regarding the backup support policy - Veeam can replicate only VMDKs or Raw Devices in virtual mode (vRDM).

Does SnapManager for Exchange can work (and supported by NetApp) with VMDK or vRDM? so I can replicate the VM using 3rd party software (Veeam) to a DRP site and still be able to take backups using SME?

p.s - I don't have an issue to upgrade my SnapDrive & SME software to the latest one, if it's necessary.




Take a look at SnapProtect. It is working and manage SME, NetApp Snapshoot and it can Catolog your backups.