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SnapManager for Oracle on vmware


My company has moved to a new cloud provider and they use NetApp SnapManager for their products. They are a Windows/.Net house, and while they've been using SnapManager successfully for their SQL Server deployments, they have no experience with Linux, Oracle or the related NetApp products. Our database is Oracle with ASM for storage. I'm sifting through the install documents now (SnapDrive 5.2.2 for Unix, SnapManager for Oracle 3.3.1), and was hoping someone here could offer some basic insight on something since the documentaiton does not directly address these items.


I keep seeing references to FC and iSCSI transport protocals as being required. I'm not sure which our cloud provider uses to get from the SAN to the vSphere cluster, but the drives for the vm are carved out of datastores, so from the guest OS's (Oracle Linux 6.5) perspective, it's typical local storage. Does the SnapDrive Software require the LUNs to be presented to the host directly, as with HBAs on a physical machine, instead of being abstracted through vmware?





SnapDrive for Unix requires the use of RDM luns if you are using FCP or iSCSI on the backend of the VMWare.


You can also use NFS and iSCSI from the guest directly to the storage system.